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About Doug Parker

I have over 35 years experience in legal practice in Victoria, both as a barrister and as a solicitor. As a barrister over many years I have appeared in a wide range of civil and criminal matters in courts and tribunals from the Magistrates’ Court to the Supreme Court, from VCAT to the Family Court. As a solicitor I have practised in both large and small practices both as an employee and as a partner.

Added to a diverse range of professional experience are the life lessons and personal experiences that many of us go through and which (hopefully) see us older, wiser and more understanding. Experiences such as running businesses, partnership disputes, marriage, parenting, divorce and enduring the passing of loved ones.

All of these qualities are brought to bear in my running a flexible legal practice which aims to deliver pragmatic legal advice and representation for clients while striving to understand and balance all of their needs – personal, financial and business.

Without the constraints of large overheads and demanding budgets I am free to deliver advice and representation mindful of the “value of a dollar” and the cost to all of us of earning those dollars in the first place! I have a compassionate approach towards my clients who are often dealing with some of the most difficult situations life can serve up including:

  • Going to Court – for civil or criminal matters

  • Relationship breakdowns and property settlements

  • Death of a loved one

  • Buying or selling a home or a business

  • Understanding a contract and its fine print before signing


Even dealing with the everyday legal tasks associated with your business, ageing parents, traffic fines or planning for the future can be stressful and you need sound legal advice to help you find your way through. I can provide that legal advice with:

  • Call back generally within 4 working hours

  • No exorbitant sundries charges – I won’t pad your bill with photocopying fees

  • Costs agreements so that you know how much you’re up for before I begin the work. My hourly rate is very competitive and fixed price agreements can be agreed for some work

  • MS Teams and telephone conferencing available

  • Jargon free legal advice

  • Environmentally friendly services – I use email and “softcopy” documents wherever possible to save on trees and on cost


Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment.

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